Come along with INBOUND PERSIA TRAVEL AGENCY to prepare Debit Cards for you

You may have limitations on the payment amount in Iran by international debit cards. The usual way is to have cash or to exchange your money which has its own problems. The good news is that Inbound Persia Travel Agency is introducing more novel services to you by cooperating with banks in Iran . This special service is called Tourist Debit Cards. You can ask our correspondent to order such cards for you before your travel to Iran. The explanation about this issue is that you can have an account in Iran through our agency and by sending your personal information which is especially designed for tourists to Iran. Then you can also have a credit bank card whose money you can deposit your money to it and use it during your travel and finally you have Iranian money on you and in case any money is left in it at the end of your trip, you can receive it in dollars or euros. This card has many benefits.

Here we allocated special brochure and some information for you to study and become familiar with our debit card with the name of Daric Card, also you can send an email to make a reservation.Here is our email address:



Inbound Persia Touristic Card

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